About Carmen

Carmen Jaci is the alias of Quebec-born producer and composer Carmen Jaci Claire Vanderveken. Currently based in the Netherlands, she uses a range of synths and acoustic instruments to create intimate and eccentric sonic sculptures that extend across audio and visual realms.


First having completed her Bachelor's degree in Composition at the Conservatory of Montreal, she has pursued a Master's Degree at the Conservatory of Amsterdam with the support of the Fonds de recherche québécois en sciences humaines et culture. As a resident composer, her works have been performed by various chamber music ensembles in Canada and in the Netherlands. Most recently, she has performed electronic sets at Dutch festivals and is focusing on an upcoming electronic album.


Her work has received support from the Canada Council for the Arts, the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec and the SOCAN Foundation and has also received recognition from four SOCAN's Young Composers Awards.


As a member of Triangle collective, Carmen collaborated on Assemblages, a video work whose visual content shows contrasting pairs of mechanical objects and organic elements. These playfully juxtapose to Carmen's electronic track.


In this short video showcasing Carmen Jaci's music track, two characters interact with a fantasy world full of surprising objects and entities. 

Bubble Bath

A playful exploration of sounds and moving images : this collaboration between  3D artist Matthew Schoen and Carmen Jaci seeks to create unexpected associations between the visual and sonic content. Some objects and sounds recall everyday life while others are totally imaginary.